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Passionate about Biology AND Science Working in Harmony 


I am a grass expert specialising in growing high quality grass for agriculture, golf/sports turf

and amenity landscapes.


Each sector has differing end products but growing high quality grass depends on:


Correct soil environment

Balanced soil mineral content

Optimised nutrient uptake and use by the grass


My expertise lies in diagnosing the soil conditions and nutrient content, and choosing the correct treatment that meets the demands of the end use. I only recommend Biorational treatments, i.e. treatments that increase soil health and plant optimise nutrition without overuse of chemical fertilisers.




Growing grass with a richer mineral and higher carbohydrate content, resulting in healthier animals and more nutritious produce, e.g. meat and dairy products.


Golf & sports turf


Analysis of the rootzone conditions and compile programmes to produce hard wearing and healthy surfaces that meets the high expectations of modern users.


Amenity landscapes


Estates open to the public require higher standards of presentation of grassed/lawn areas that shows off the property to its full potential. Also, commercial events leads to large bare areas and I can help to restore the grounds in as short time as possible.