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Passionate about using soil & plant biology to produces great turfgrass surfaces

Biorational turf management



BioRational is a term used to describe treatments that have only a beneficial effect on the soil, water and wider environments. There is no "less harmful" message here!


Each grassed area has differing end uses and specific requirements, but growing high quality turfgrass surfaces depends on three basic conditions:


  • Correct soil environment 

  • Balanced and optimised plant nutrition

  • Interaction between soil microbes and the plant roots

My expertise lies in diagnosing the soil conditions and nutrient content, and choosing the correct treatment that meets the demands of the end user. I only recommend Biorational treatments, i.e. treatments that increase soil health and optimise plant nutrition. Fertilisers are part of the treatments but without reliance on excess chemical salts, and each turfgrass surface will have specific requirements.The end result of my treatments are turfgrass surfaces that excess the client's expectations, achieved through restoring the soil environment, balancing nutrition (not the same as fertilising), and reestablishing the plant/soil interaction.

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