Biorational treatments

There is no short cut to great looking turfgrass surfaces and the starting point is good turf management:

  • regular mowing at appropriate heights of cut and frequency

  • fertilising to ensure adequate nutrients for healthy growth

  • watering in dry weather

  • aeration for soil and atmospheric air exchange

  • topdressing to maintain smooth surfaces and dilute organic matter build up

  • thatch control - physical removal of excess organic matter


Each grassed area has differing end uses and specific requirements, but growing high quality turfgrass surfaces depends on three basic conditions:


  • Correct soil environment 

  • Balanced and optimised plant nutrition

  • Interaction between soil microbes and the plant roots

My expertise lies in diagnosing the soil conditions and nutrient content, and choosing the correct treatment that meets the demands of the end user. I only recomme nd Biorational treatments, i.e. treatments that increase soil health and optimise plant nutrition.The end result are turfgrass surfaces that exceed the client's expectations, achieved through restoring the soil environment, balancing nutrition (not the same as fertilising), and reestablishing the plant/soil interaction.The Grass Expert treats the whole soil/plant environment, not just one half of what makes high quality turfgrass surfaces.


The Grass Expert has developed the following three products that help professional turfgrass managers and home lawn owners to create and maintain healthy and vigorous turfgrass surfaces.


Soil Grass roots.jpg

healthy rootzone

Restoring The Soil Environment


Restorative Power of Beneficial Microbes

Mycortex is a granulated blend containing a comprehensive range of mycorrhizal fungi, Trichoderma fungi, beneficial bacteria, humates and natural saponins. There is no inert filler in Mycortex, just 100% benefits.


The main benefits of Mycortex are: 


•   Stimulation and promotion of root growth 

•   Improved plant nutrition (especially in adverse conditions) 

•   Nitrogen fixation 

•   Improved disease resistance

•   Enhanced stress resistance (environmental, soil and toxic stress)

Apply Mycortex to new constructions at 100kg per hectare (10g per m2) and incororate into the top 50mm before seeding. Apply to established grass surfaces at 50kg per hectare (5g per m2).

           Root growth with mycorrhizae (left)                        Mycorrhizae hyphae access more                 A range of soil microbes plants  protecting

           and without (right)                                                    soil than just roots                                          the plant and mineralising nutrients


balanced nutrition

balancing plant nutrition

Turfsolv TS-1

The Next Generation Turf Solution

TurfSolv is a 21st Century solution for balancing nutrition in intensively managed turfgrass surfaces. The unique TurfSolv formulation acts as a carrier for bioactive materials and nutrients, and contains powerful biostimulants that help grass to quickly recover from damage caused by pests and diseases.

TurfSolv is a fully water-soluble formulation that is entirely safe for human health and to the wider soil and water environments.

TurfSolv is fully compatible with other liquid turf treatments and can cut costs by making other treatments more effective by reducing/eliminating their need.

TurfSolv is entirely safe to human health and the wider environment

Professional useAvailable to golf courses and sports turf surfaces in 10L polycans, and 1000L IBC. Email for prices and information


Home use visit to purchase 500ml bottles for lawns and small areas

Use TurfSolv when your turf is at risk of damage from pest & disease attack or/and requires repair to damaged plant physiology and tissue due to wear and environmental damage


soil & plant interaction


Estates open to the public require high standards of presentation of grassed/lawn areas that show off the property to its full potential. Large country estates need to finance themselves through public visitors and/or country fairs and other events, often leading to large areas of damaged grass. I advise on prevention of damage and on best methods of restoration. Ornamental areas deserve the best treatments and my expertise will ‘show off’ your lawns to present your buildings and grounds in the best light.

Many people in the UK derive great pleasure from creating and maintaining lawns but do not have the knowledge or experience, leading to unecessary treatments of fertilisers and chemicals. I get many calls of "why cannot I have a great lawn?" from frustrated lawn owners up and down the country. But, help is at hand as I supply advice and biorational treatments that ensure your lawn is one of pride and pleasure without resorting to a 'chemical desert'



High quality biostimulant rich in Amino Acids

plus bioactive compounds derived from seaweed

L-Active is rich in natural auxins, amino acids, gibberellins, alginic acid, and seaweed derived sugars: mannitol, fucoidan and laminarin, and a plant extract that increases photosynthesis. L-Active contains 6% Laevo-amino, which are powerful antioxidants that help the plant to stay healthy when physiological processes are restricted due to drought, heat, freezing, shade and turf maintenance operations. Turfgrass surfaces are subject to intensive stress, which causes the plant to retain energy instead of releasing through the roots to feed soil microbes. Using L-Active helps the plant to restore its metabolism to full activity and is then able to releases spare proteins and carbohydrates from roots to feed soil microbes. A thriving soil microbe population wards off plant pathogens and mineralises nutrients for plant uptake.


L-Active has the following benefits:


  • Earlier establishment from seed

  • Increased early rooting

  • Increase in photosynthetic area of leaves

  • Increased growth in shade environments

  • Increased leaf and shoot growth

  • Increase in plant carbohydrate production


Apply at 5 L/Ha in 300L water (0.5ml in 30ml water per m2 ).


Available in 5L polycans

Left shows L-Active treatment on grass seed speeds up germination. L-Active treatments top-left and bottom-right.

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