control of pests & diseases

of turfgrass surfaces

Biorational treatments using microbes and plant biostimulants give the grass the best opportunity to grow healthy and to resist much pest and disease attack. There are times, however, when pests and diseases overwhelm plant and soil defences and sometimes one just needs "to kill something" to regain control. 

The choices of chemical pesticides have, thankfully, vastly reduced over the past few years to the extent that there are only a few fungicides and weedkillers that are available, and no insecticides are allowed for use on turf, and this is where TurfSolv provides the answer! Continue below for the latest in controlling pests and diseases of turfgrass surfaces.


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Pest & Disease control 


The Next Generation Turf Solution

TurfSolv is a 21st Century solution for the control of pests and diseases in managed turfgrass surfaces. TurfSolv provides effective pest and disease control through physical action from readily biodegradable ingredients. TurfSolv also contains powerful biostimulants that help grass to quickly recover from damage caused by pests and diseases. 


TurfSolv is a fully water-soluble formulation that is entirely safe for human health and to the wider soil and water environments. TurfSolv is fully compatible with other liquid turf treatments and can cut costs by making them more effective by reducing/eliminating their need.




  • An effective pest & disease control

  • Helps to quickly repair damaged plant processes

  • Reduces costs through eliminating the need for other products

  • Is entirely safe to human health and the wider environment

Available in 250ml bottles, 10L polycans, 200L barrels, 1000L IBC

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