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The Grass Expert has the experience and knowledge to offer a range of services to help you improve your facility.

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  • On site trials and investigations

  • Advisory services

  • Teaching & Training

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ON-site trials & research

The Grass Expert will carry out product trials on your grass surfaces.

Product and research trials are normally carried out at sites many miles away from the customer's turfgrass surface, providing good information but not necessarily relevant to a turfgrass manager trying to choose the best treatments for their charge. The only way to be certain of success is to trial prospective treatments on your surfaces.

The Grass Expert provides a rigorous procedure subject to statistical analysis, giving the turf manager and employer confidence before spending precious resources.

  • Product trials/assessments

  • Analysis of maintenance practices

  • Construction materials and methods

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advisory services

I have expertise in all aspects of managing turfgrass surfaces. I can provide quick, on-site assessments or in-depth analysis to help you provide high quality playing surfaces. As an experienced teacher I can train your staff to be more efficent in their work, and to increase their knowledge and understand of their work. I can help you by:

  • analysising of the health of your rootzone and turfgrass plant 

  • optimising turfgrass health by providing solutions to environmental stress

  • dealing with pests and diseases using non-pesticide solutions

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country estates & domestic lawns

Estates open to the public require high standards of presentation of grassed/lawn areas that show off the property to its full potential. Large country estates need to finance themselves through public visitors and/or country fairs and other events, often leading to large areas of damaged grass. I advise on prevention of damage and on best methods of restoration. Ornamental areas deserve the best treatments and my expertise will ‘show off’ your lawns to present your buildings and grounds in the best light.

Many people in the UK derive great pleasure from creating and maintaining lawns but do not have the knowledge or experience, leading to unecessary treatments of fertilisers and chemicals. I get many calls of "why cannot I have a great lawn?" from frustrated lawn owners up and down the country. But, help is at hand as I supply advice and biorational treatments that ensure your lawn is one of pride and pleasure without resorting to a 'chemical desert'

Teaching & training

I am an experienced teacher and trainer with many years of writing and delivering courses and qualifications from Apprenticeships to Degrees, and delivering training courses for Local Authorities, golf clubs and sports grounds.


I am available for:

  • Employee development in turfgrass and soil sciences

  • Training amateurs in bowling green maintenance 

  • Gardening club presentations on lawn care

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